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Dear Editor,

Glenn Thrush’s April 24th article regarding interim director Mick Mulvaney’s admission that he had a “hierarchy” in his congressional office where donors received the most attention is simply another confirmation that our political and policy system is broken. Last November, Republican Rep. Chris Collins of New York admitted that his donors said “don’t ever call me again” if Congress didn’t pass tax reform. This is what happens when our elections are funded by a sliver of society — by those who can afford to and have an incentive to get involved in the political process. There are many common-sense campaign finance reforms pending in Congress. Our elected officials should finally pass one of them. It’s the only way we’ll restore a truly representative democracy that represents all of us — equally — not one that just represents campaign funders.




  • Mick Mulvaney’s admission that he and other policymakers cater to the interests of donors is the latest confirmation that our system is broken.
  • Others, such as Rep. Chris Collins of New York, have gone on the record to admit that their donors control their policy decisions. 
  • Only a tiny slice of America currently funds campaigns, which means our representatives are responsive to and represent the will of only a tiny slice of America (and one that does not reflect the demographics or socioeconomic interests of society as a whole).
  • According to Open Secrets, just .68% of the adult population donates nearly 70% of all campaign donations (source)
  • The only way we’ll break out of this corrupt cycle is to embrace real campaign finance reform that will increase the number of participants in the political process. 


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