Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet is a POTUS1 candidate. Scroll down for his detailed policy positions.

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Candidate’s Grade


Grading Methodology

A+: comprehensive democracy plan with impressive public financing plan, promise to fix democracy first

A: comprehensive democracy plan with a strong policy in each category

B: notable proposals but overall plan lacks depth regarding scope and/or implementation

C: few democracy reform proposals, campaign makes infrequent mentions of reform

D: no meaningful democracy plan

F: active opponent of democracy

Candidate Policy Positions

Everyone’s Vote Should Count (Equally)

  • Eliminate the Electoral College
  • Ranked-choice voting
  • Statehood for D.C.
  • Prohibit partisan gerrymandering for Congressional districts

Voting Rights

  • Same-day voter registration
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act
  • Require no-excuse absentee voting and at least two weeks of early voting
  • Require paper ballots
  • Prohibit politically motivated purging of inactive voters from the rolls and significantly increase penalties for intentional voter suppression
  • Restore voting rights to the millions of Americans who have served their time immediately upon release from prison.
  • Ban modern-day poll taxes that make re-enfranchisement contingent on the payment of hefty fees
  • Require the use of paper ballots for federal elections and risk-limiting audits for all federal races.
  • Require portable voter registration
  • Pre-register 16- and 17-year olds to vote
  • Require no-excuse absentee voting and at least two weeks of early voting.

Money in Politics

  • Public financing of campaigns by creating a small donor-focused matching system
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Reform the Federal Election Commission, so it can vigorously enforce campaign finance violations. By moving to five commissioners, we can break the current 3-3 deadlock.
Outside-the-box Reforms

  • Ban Members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists

Candidate Overview


Michael Bennet has pledged to fix democracy first!

Bennet released an impressive democracy plan. However, we would like to see further clarification of his public financing plan, as well as a commitment to independent redistricting commissions.

Click here to see his full democracy reform platform.

Here are some policies he could adopt to improve his platform:

  • Representation for Puerto Rico
  • Independent Redistricting Commissions
  • A full end to felon disenfranchisement
  • Release more details about his public financing plan

If you want to see Michael Bennet embrace these policies, check the bottom of the page for his staffers’ contact information.


In His Own Words

“Our country’s form of government is defined by our fundamental right and responsibility to vote… Our laws should not only protect every eligible voter’s right to cast their ballot, but they should encourage more people to participate by making the process simpler. Our government is stronger when everyone’s voice is heard, and this bill helps make that possible.” Source →

“To fix our politics, we must overcome the forces trying to separate the American people from our government: special interests working to replace the public’s agenda with their own; politicians insulating themselves from accountability through gerrymandering and voter suppression; and foreign actors infiltrating our democracy.” Source →

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