Amy Klobuchar

Amy Klobuchar is a POTUS1 candidate! Scroll down for her detailed policy positions.

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Candidate’s Grade


Grading Methodology
A+: comprehensive democracy plan with impressive public financing plan, promise to fix democracy first

A: comprehensive democracy plan with a strong policy in each category

B: notable proposals but overall plan lacks depth regarding scope and/or implementation

C: few democracy reform proposals, campaign makes infrequent mentions of reform

D: no meaningful democracy plan

F: active opponent of democracy

Candidate Policy Positions

Everyone’s Vote Should Count (Equally)

  • Representation for D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • Back up paper ballots and post-election audits
  • Grants to states for upgrades to their voting infrastructure
  • Establish independent, bipartisan redistricting commissions

Voting Rights

  • Same-day voter registration
  • Register every voter at age 18
  • Make Election Day a holiday
  • Banning states from purging voters from rolls for not voting in recent elections
  • Restoring the Voting Rights Act
  • Limits on voter purges
  • Establish minimum notification requirements for voters affected by polling place changes
  • End felon disenfranchisement post-incarceration.
  • Establish uniform and nondiscriminatory standards for issuing, handling, and counting provisional ballots
  • Ensure that those affected by natural disasters can still vote
  • Restore the Voting Rights Act
  • Provide resources for initiatives that provide 12th graders with voter registration information
  • Pass the Native American Voting Rights Act
  • Adopt legislation requiring states to remove “exact-match” requirements and other unnecessary and discriminatory obstacles to registering to vote
  • Work with states to establish early voting and no-excuse absentee voting
  • Increase accessibility in voting for people with disabilities
  • Ensure ballots are counted from Americans living overseas and those serving in the military and their family members
  • Make it illegal to knowingly deceive others about how to participate in a federal election


Money in Politics

  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Public financing of campaigns by creating a small donor-focused matching system
  • Pass the DISCLOSE Act to increase transparency
  • Reform the Federal Election Commission
  • Promote accountability for political ads on the internet
  • Make it illegal for foreign nationals to purchase election ads
  • Ban foreign nationals from involvement in decisions regarding political expenditures by corporations, PACs and Super PACs
  • Preventing social media companies from running political ads full of false claims and lies by holding them responsible

Candidate Overview

Klobuchar has pledged to fix democracy first! Senator Klobuchar supports almost all important reforms. Her platform is very strong, especially on voting rights. We do, however, urge her to clarify her redistricting reform bill.  Click here to see her full democracy reform platform.

Here are some policies she could adopt to improve it:

  • Repeal discriminatory voter ID laws
  • Ranked-choice voting
  • Abolish the Electoral College
  • A full end to felon disenfranchisement

If you want to see Amy Klobuchar embrace these policies, check the bottom of the page for her staffers contact information.

In Her Own Words

“Voting is how Americans hold their elected leaders accountable—free and fair elections are central to our democracy… My bills will ensure that all eligible voters are able to make their voices heard at the ballot box by automatically registering eligible voters, encouraging young people to get involved in our elections, and making it simpler to vote on election day. When our laws make it easier to vote, more people participate in our elections and it makes our country stronger.”
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