In the news

Medium: Breaking News from the Supreme Court

Great news: the Supreme Court just agreed to hear two major cases we brought about the role of presidential electors! The Supreme Court decides to hear only a tiny percentage of all the cases that come before it, so this announcement is just more evidence that our...

Medium: Equal Citizens July 2019 Update

We’re now smack dab in the middle of summer, but, in case you missed it, we’ve still been up to lots of energizing, important work to spread the word about why our democracy needs fixin’. Better yet, we want to make sure people know there are real solutions that will...

Medium: RCV-ing the Democratic Primary

We ran an experiment to see how “ranked-choice voting” would work on the current field of Democratic candidates for President. I’m not sure we’ve done it correctly, but I wanted to describe what we’ve done here, and make the data available to others. RCV gives voters...


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