Lessig: 20 Trump electors could flip


Larry Lessig, a Harvard University constitutional law professor who made a brief run for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, claimed Tuesday that 20 Republican members of the Electoral College are considering voting against Donald Trump, a figure that would put anti-Trump activists more than halfway toward stalling Trump’s election. Read more →

Lawrence Lessig Offers Free Legal Aid To Anti-Trump Electors

December 10, 2016 8:27 AM ET
NPR Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday

Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig will support members of the Electoral College who don’t cast their vote the president-elect. NPR’s Scott Simon asks him why he’s decided to take up this cause. Read more →

Lessig offers free help to electors wanting to vote against Trump: report

The Hill BY JESSIE HELLMANN – 12/05/16 09:40 PM EST

Prominent Harvard law professor Larry Lessig says he will partner with a California-based law firm to help any members of the Electoral College looking to oppose President-elect Donald Trump, Politico reports. Read more →

Lawyers offer free support to electors who want to oppose Trump

The Week December 6, 2016

Any member of the Electoral College who wants to vote against Donald Trump but would violate state law by doing so has the support of a Harvard University law professor and a California-based law firm. Read more →

The Hamilton plan gains steam: Texas Republican elector goes rogue, saying he won’t vote for Trump TUESDAY, DEC 6, 2016 1:51 PM EDT

The so-called Hamilton Electors — a group of electors who are determined to deny Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs to officially become president — now have the support of Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, who has created an “Electors Trust” that provides free counsel to electors, according to a report on Tuesday from The Week. Read more →


Vanity Fair BY TINA NGUYEN DECEMBER 6, 2016 11:29 AM

Republican electors may also be wary of coming out against Trump independently, incurring his wrath and that of his supporters. To that end, campaign finance reform advocate Lawrence Lessig recently announced the creation of The Electors Trust, which will provide free legal counsel to electors thinking about defecting—and an anonymous platform where they can discuss strategy. Read more →

Meet the Republican Elector Who Is Refusing to Vote for Trump

Democracy Now! DECEMBER 08, 2016

A Republican member of the Electoral College has come out saying he will not vote for President-elect Donald Trump when the Electoral College convenes December 19. Christopher Suprun, a paramedic from Texas, wrote in an op-ed published in The New York Times on Monday that Trump is “not qualified for the office” of the presidency. Read more →

The Faith of the Faithless Electors

Slate DEC. 8 2016 5:41 PM

Lawrence Lessig, a constitutional law professor at Harvard, has teamed up with the California law firm Durie Tangri in an effort called the Electors Trust, which will provide free legal advice to wavering electors. Lessig, like Suprun, has no idea if an Electoral College revolt could actually happen, but thinks that given the danger Trump poses to democratic norms and his decisive popular vote defeat, it’s worth a try.Read more →

Nonprofit Will Provide Legal Advice to “Conscientious Electors”

Nonprofit Quarterly December 7, 2016

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard law Professor and former candidate for the presidency, has organized an effort called The Electors Trust, which is offering pro-bono legal consultation to any member of the electoral college who wants to vote for a candidate other than the one to whom they are pledged. Read more →

Republican Elector Vows To Vote Against Donald Trump

HuffPost POLITICS 12/05/2016 09:30 pm ET | Updated Dec 19, 2016

To support anti-Trump Electoral College members, Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig announced on Monday he will launch “The Electors Trust,” which will provide free counsel to those seeking to oppose Trump in states where doing so may be illegal, Politico reports. Read more →

Elector who promised to vote against Donald Trump receives death and rape threats 12/16/2016
NPR Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday

After 17 US intelligence agencies accused Russia of interfering with the presidential election, Electoral College members are rethinking their support of Donald Trump.
Some of those electors, along with the lawyers who are defending them, are now receiving a barrage of death and rape threats from Trump supporters. Read more →

Electoral College Dissenters Deluged With Death Threats

Gothamist Dec 15, 2016

The Republican electoral college member who has announced his plan to vote against Donald Trump come Monday is being bombarded with death threats, along with lawyers who have announced plans to defend other dissenting electors, according to activists organizing what they hope will be an electoral college revolt. Read more →

The ‘Real’ Presidential Vote: Electoral College Voting Underway

NBC NEWS DEC 19 2016, 10:57 AM ET

This year, members of a group calling itself The Electors Trust, including Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig, say they’ve been contacted by dozens of electors seeking legal advice. Many are asking, must they vote as their states did? Read more →

Texas GOP elector announces he won’t vote for Trump

December 10, 2016 8:27 AM ET
CBS NEWS DEC 6, 2016

Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig has announced that he will provide free counsel to electors who want to oppose Mr.Trump, according to Politico. It’s called “The Electors Trust” and it will offer a platform for electors to plan how to stop the president-elect. Read more →

LISTEN: Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig Offers Legal Aid To Electoral College Members


Harvard University law professor and one-time Democratic presidential candidate Lawrence Lessig is offering free legal guidance to electors through his new project, The Electors Trust, to potential “faithless electors” who are considering voting against their state’s outcome. Lessig discussed the project with WGBH All Things Considered host Barbara Howard. Read more →

Inside The Psychology Of The Rebel Electors Who Seek To Overturn Trump’s Election

Fast Company 12.15.16

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard constitutional law professor, recently joined forces with Boston lawyer R.J. Lyman to launch an organization called “Electors Trust” to provide legal counsel to Republican electors who are considering voting against Trump. Lyman has identified 17 other voters (besides the Hamilton Electors’) who are considering casting their vote for a different candidate. Read more →

More GOP electors are open to dumping Trump, Electors Trust organizer says

ThinkProgress Dec 14, 2016
NPR Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday

Larry Lessig — an anti-Trump Harvard University constitutional law professor and co-founder of “Electors Trust,” which provides “free and strictly confidential legal support to any elector who wishes to vote their conscience” — says at least 20, and perhaps as many as 30, Republican electors are considering rejecting Trump. Read more →

How a Group of Lawyers Is Helping “Faithless Electors” Vote Their Conscience (Q&A)

The Hollywood Reporter DECEMBER 14, 2016

Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, who ran for president as a Democrat in this election, California attorney Mark Lemley and Michael Hawley co-founded the organization to provide free and confidential legal help to electors who “wish to vote their conscience.” Read more →

Law School Professor Says 20 Republican Electors May Vote Against Trump

THe Harvard Crimson December 18, 2016

Continuing years of long-shot efforts to reform the American electoral system, Harvard Law School professor Lawrence Lessig said Tuesday that at least 20 Republican members of the Electoral College may not cast their votes for President-elect Donald Trump. Read more →


In a Democracy, All Votes Should Count Equally

In our democracy, when voting for the President, they do not

Lawrence Lessig and others have made the case that the "winner-take-all" process of choosing electors violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. See how Lessig lays out this argument and explores what a successful legal challenge to the Electoral College might look like.


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