Equal Citizens — a nonprofit organization founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig — builds innovative campaigns and new ways for digital and creative communications to have immediate impact on democracy reform in the US.

We overcome the limitations of traditional reform groups by launching unconventional campaigns to achieve reform goals, and to shift the democracy reform narrative in order to get a critical mass of Americans across the political spectrum to agree that we must fix our broken democracy first before any other sensible reform is possible.

In 2017, we successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign for a legal challenge to the winner-take-all allocation of Electoral College votes at the state level. We’re also working on other innovative legal challenges to address various electoral reform issues.

But we’re not just about election law–we’re planning to launch effective grassroot actions and digital campaigns that will mobilize citizens across the country to support democracy reform. You can help fix democracy first by working with us!

Equal Citizens is an equal opportunity employer and encourages people of color, ethnic minorities, women, and individuals from the LBGT community to apply.


 There are no job openings at this time. Please check back soon.