Is there a way to make the 2020 election about something more than simply defeating President Trump? Can it become an election that unites America? Can we leverage what unifies America, and get an (unrigged) democracy that could work? That’s the hope described in this six episodes — Another Way, Season One.

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Episode 6: Why Different When the Same Is So So Easy

Episode 6: Why Different When the Same Is So So Easy

Title: Why different when the same is so so easy Transcript“But why,” the Democratic politicians will insist, “why do we need anything more than simply elect Democrats? What’s the need for a Reform Caucus when the Democratic Party is already committed to...


Episode 5: How America Beats Donald

TitleHow America Beats Donald TranscriptDrain the swamp and make America great again. Let me repeat it. Drain the swamp and make America great again. ——— This is Larry Lessig and this is the fifth episode of this podcast, Another Way. In the first, I...

Episode 4: A Different Kind of President

Title:A different kind of President Transcript:In 1864, in the middle of our “great Civil War,” America held a presidential election. Lincoln was President. None were confident, especially his supporters, that he would be re-elected. Indeed without the...

Episode 3: A Different (Kind of Control of) Congress

Transcript The single most unrecognized fact in American politics today is not how divided we are, but how united we are. This is Larry Lessig and this is the third episode of this podcast, Another Way. In the first, I described what everyone knows: that...

Episode 2: How Different Has Been Done

Music:Slow Line Stomp by Blue Dot SessionsNoe Noe by Blue Dot SessionsVengeful by Blue Dot SessionsClay Pawn Shop by Blue Dot Sessions Transcript: This is Larry Lessig and this is the second episode of this podcast, Another Way. In the first, I described...

Episode 1: Aiming for Something Different

Music: Roundpine by Blue Dot Sessions Noe Noe by Blue Dot Sessions Vengeful by Blue Dot Sessions It’s pretty clear how things are going to happen. In January, whatever the outcome in the 2018 election, Democrats are going to begin to vie in earnest to...

Introducing: Another Way

This is Larry Lessig. Anyone paying attention can see that we’re gearing up for a train wreck in 2020, as both political parties map out an increasingly partisan choice for America — as if we are just a nation divided, with nothing that we share in...


Can we make 2020 something more than a civil war between Democrats and Republicans?

That’s the challenge that has inspired this podcast by Equal Citizens founder, Lawrence Lessig. Without doubting the urgent need to defeat our current President, Lessig lays out a strategy that leverages the common ground that unites America, to the end of fixing our rigged and broken democracy.

Drawing upon the history of other moments of fundamental change in America, Lessig maps a strategy that steps above our partisan divide. It is a moonshot, no doubt. But it is the one shot that could get us beyond the pathological division that destroys our government today.

This is the conversation that the politicians won’t give us. And that’s precisely why we citizens must begin it now. This is six episodes that are an invitation to begin that repair.



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