S2E1: How Constitutions Get Changed

    Season Two, Episode 1 | December 19, 2018
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    The Constitution of the United States specifies the rules for its own amendment. Article V lays out those rules. An amendment must first be proposed and once proposed, adopted or, as the Constitution says, ratified.
    More than 11,000 amendments have been proposed in the 230 years since the Constitution was adopted. Of those, 27 have been ratified.


    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    There’s going to be a train wreck unless we act now. A train wreck for the convention movement, and hence, a train wreck for the only reasonable chance that we have to fix our broken Constitution, and hence, a train wreck for this nation.OTHER EPISODESHOW...

    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    S2E4: Why Conventions Should NOT Terrify

    So do we really need an Article V Convention? This should be the only real question that should trouble Americans just now. Do we need a different way to propose amendments to the Constitution? Do we need amendments to our Constitution at all?OTHER...

    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    S2E3: Why Conventions Terrify

    “This would be chaos.” An Article V convention would be “chaos.” Or so says the great Robert Reich in the video that has triggered this season of Another Way.OTHER EPISODESHOW YOU CAN HELP SUPPORT ANOTHER WAY If you've saved your payment information with...

    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    S2E2: That Conventions Terrify

    This is Larry Lessig, and this is Episode 2 of Season 2 of the podcast Another Way. In the first episode, I described two ways that the Constitution allows that amendments to the Constitution might be proposed. Only one of those two ways of proposing...

    S2E5: Why We Need a Convention

    Introducing: Another Way Stories Season Two

    There’s a scholar, an activist, a leader, a former Labor Secretary, a citizen, and a friend — Robert Reich — who has been trash-talking the idea of a convention to propose amendments to our Constitution. That fact really bothers me.OTHER EPISODESHOW YOU...



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