Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is a POTUS1 candidate! Scroll down for her detailed policy positions.

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Candidate’s Grade


Grading Methodology

A+: comprehensive democracy plan with impressive public financing plan, promise to fix democracy first

A: comprehensive democracy plan with a strong policy in each category

B: notable proposals but overall plan lacks depth regarding scope and/or implementation

C: few democracy reform proposals, campaign makes infrequent mentions of reform

D: no meaningful democracy plan

F: active opponent of democracy

Candidate Policy Positions

Everyone’s Vote Should Count (Equally)

  • Representation for D.C. and Puerto Rico
  • Eliminate the Electoral College
  • End gerrymandering with independent redistricting commissions

Voting Rights

  • Abolish all voter suppression policies (ex. Voter ID and unnecessary voter purging)
  • Automatic voter registration
  • Same-day voter registration
  • Federal voter purge guidelines
  • Felon voting rights restoration after incarceration
  • A new Voting Rights Act
  • The Native American Voting Rights Act
  • Make Election Day a holiday
  • Constitutional amendment to protect voting rights
  • Expand early voting and voting by mail
  • Expanded voting hours
  • Convenient polling locations
  • Incentives to ensure state-level voter empowerment
  • A constitutional amendment to guarantee the right to vote
  • Uniform federal ballots
  • Federal standards for voting machines
  • Accessible ballot machines for people with disabilities
  • Creation of a new agency, the Secure Democracy Administration
  • Federal-state partnership to encourage high voter participation rates

Money in Politics

  • 6-to-1 matching public financing of elections system
  • Overturn Citizens United and Buckley
  • Lower Contribution Limits to Individuals and Political Parties
  • Prevent federal candidates taking corporate PAC money.
  • Ban Foreign Corporate Influence in American Elections.
  • Strengthen coordination rules for Super PACs
  • Ban Lobbyists from Donating, Bundling, and Fundraising for Candidates
  • Enact strict contribution limits and disclosure requirements for inaugural committees
  • Update campaign finance laws to address online political advertising
  • Require disclosure of major donors, bundlers, and finance events in presidential campaigns
  • Disclose dark money spending
  • Establish Public Financing for National Party Conventions
  • Restructure the Federal Election Commission
  • Empower Workers and Shareholders to Approve of Corporate Political Activities

Outside-the-box Reforms

  • Make it illegal for elected officials and top government appointees to become lobbyists
  • Require all lobbyists to register
  • Ban lobbying for foreign entities
  • Ban foreign government from hiring Washington lobbyists
  • Impose a tax on excessive lobbying
  • Shut down the ability of lobbyists to move freely in and out of government jobs
  • Ban members of Congress from trading stocks and becoming lobbyists for life
  • Force every candidate for political office to put their tax returns online
  • Force senior government officials to divest from privately-owned assets
  • Ban “golden parachutes” 
  • Restrict the ability of lobbyists to enter government jobs.
  • Crack down on corporations who manipulate agencies by submitting fake research
  • Create the Office of the Public Advocate

Candidate Overview

Warren has pledged to fix democracy first!

Warren has one of the best, most detailed democracy reform platforms. She supports strong, federal oversight of our elections and intends to work to make every vote count. She supports a small-donor matching system of public financing of elections, as well.

Click here and here to see her full democracy reform platform.

Here are some policies she could adopt to improve her platform:

  • A full end to felon disenfranchisement
  • Ranked-choice voting

If you want to see Elizabeth Warren embrace these policies, check the bottom of the page for her staffers contact information.

In Her Own Words

“I believe we need a constitutional amendment that protects the right to vote for every American citizen and makes sure that vote gets counted… We need to put some federal muscle behind that, and we need to repeal every one of the voter suppression laws that is out there.”
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“It has been far too long that the monopolies have been making the campaign contributions, have been funding the super-PACs, have been out there making sure their influence is heard and felt in every single decision that gets made in Washington.”

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