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Date: Oct 10, 2018



Contact: Blair Fitzgibbon
(202) 503-6141
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Lawrence Lessig Launches Podcast Series Ahead of Midterms

Washington, DC – Today, Harvard Law Professor and founder of Equal Citizens Lawrence Lessig released the first of six episodes of a podcast series in advance of the midterm Congressional elections.

“We need to change the rhythm of American politics,” said Lessig. “We need to slow it down if we’re to make it healthy. If the Tweet was the symbol of the politics our recent past, the podcast should become the politics of the future. Today we launch a podcast series called “Another Way”—as one more contribution to long form podcast culture, designed to give the listeners a chance to reflect and think, and our culture a way to progress.”

Over 6 episodes, the podcast series lays out a strategy for responding to the current crisis of our democracy—different from the partisans, and more directly focused on curing the disease that has given us this disaster. The argument will be laid out in steps, with time to reflect on each step before the next is taken. Each episode will be released on Wednesdays over the next 6 weeks at:


About Equal Citizens

EqualCitizens.US is a non-profit, founded by Lawrence Lessig, that is committed to achieving political equality within the United States