Tweet at Presidential Candidates to Support Ranked Choice Voting in the Presidential Primaries

The 2020 Democratic primary in New Hampshire is shaping up to be among the most wide open primaries in modern history. No doubt many voters will find things to like or dislike about many of the candidates. So why should voters be limited to just one choice on primary day?

The short answer is they shouldn’t—and they don’t have to, because ranked-choice voting provides a better way to vote. Ranked choice voting lets primary voters rank their favorite candidates in order of preference, just like we do everyday when we rank our favorite movies, tv shows, and ice cream flavors. This simple change can provide big benefits, because it will encourage positive campaigning, decrease vote splitting, and provide more information about voter preferences at the critical early stage in the campaign.

Make your voice heard: Tweet at presidential candidates using our form below to ask them to support ranked choice voting in the upcoming primaries!





Andrew Yang

Tweet at @AndrewYang to thank him for supporting ranked choice voting.