Our Framers promised us a representative democracy. Our politicians have given us anything but. From the corrupting influence of money in politics, to the gerrymandering of congressional districts, to the games played to suppress the vote, to the absurd ways that states allocate Electoral College votes, our government has destroyed the core promise of a Republic — that citizens would be equal and represented equally.

Equal Citizens — a nonprofit organization founded by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig — is dedicated to reforms that will achieve citizen equality. We will launch a series of campaigns that will end the corruption of our representative democracy by restoring the core promise of citizen equality in our Constitution.

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Citizens should be represented equally in elections


Representatives should depend on citizens equally


Citizens should have the same opportunity to vote

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In a Democracy, All Votes Should Count Equally

In our democracy, when voting for the president, they do not

Because of the winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes, if you don’t vote for the candidate who wins your state, your vote counts for nothing. That violates the Constitution’s “one person, one vote” principle. Lawrence Lessig and an all-star legal team is filing a case in court to challenge this system. Join this fight for citizen equality.

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Democrats’ new "Better Deal for Our Democracy," explained


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Opinion | Politicians who took NRA money ought to give it back

“Any candidate who received NRA support, I would argue, has at least a moral obligation to give the money back.”

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Super PACs That Meddled In West Virginia’s Senate Primary Didn’t Receive A Penny From West Virginians

“Neither group received a single cent from West Virginians.”

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That world where Nancy Pelosi is with Mitch McConnell, and John McCain is with Paul Wellstone

That world where Nancy Pelosi is with Mitch McConnell, and John McCain is with Paul Wellstone.

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Lessig on Privacy

Twenty years ago today, Lessig’s plea to Congress that it not accept technology’s attack on personal privacy:

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