Petition: Protect the Will of the People

Supporters of President Trump are calling on state legislatures to ignore the vote of their citizens, and appoint a slate of Republican electors to displace the properly elected Democratic slate.

We call upon Republican Senators to commit that they will not recognize the votes from any slate of electors that has been appointed to override the votes from a slate properly elected under state law.

If, as the Supreme Court said unanimously in Chiafalo v. Washington, electors must follow the will of the people, then so too must state legislatures. Because “here,” as Justice Kagan put it, “We the people rule.”

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If two states — Pennsylvania and either Michigan or Georgia — send alternative slates of electors, and those get counted, that brings Joe Biden’s total to 270. And then if even just one Biden elector failed to vote for Biden, the election would be thrown to the House, where the Republicans have a majority of state delegations.

Sign our petition to stop this madness now.

To learn more, click to watch this explainer video.

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